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The Added Edge

The meeting of two personalities
is like the contact of two chemical substances;
if there is any reaction,
both are transformed.

~ Carl Jung

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Leslie Sheridan
Trailblazer, Rainmaker & Coach

The Added Edge, Inc.
Human Resources, Marketing, Sales & Catalytic Coaching

(707) 995-1034
Email: leslie@theaddededge.com

*You may notice that after years of using the standard title of President, I decided to jump “off of the edge,” and use a title more befitting of what I do . . .

  • blazing new trails
  • helping companies increase their sales (in sales terminology, “rainmaking,” yet not to be confused with shamans who actually make rain pour down from the sky!)
  • coaching them through the process

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“Come to the edge,” she said.
They said, “We are afraid.”
“Come to the edge,” she said.
They came.
She pushed them . . . and they flew.

~ Guillaume Apollinaire
(with me replacing “he” with “she”)

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