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The Added Edge

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Call to Integrity!

Call for Stories re: Ethics and Integrity, or the Lack Thereof!

The depth to which regard for ethics in our world has plummeted is appalling. Lying presidents, corporate executives committing gross malfeasance, business professionals not honoring their agreements, cheating spouses, people not keeping their word . . . all signify that integrity is a scarce commodity.

In order for us to bring back integrity and employment of ethics into our world, we must act!

I am currently conducting research for a book I am writing on this topic. I would appreciate your help in either or both ways described below.

Submit a personal story/account of a situation in which ethics and/or integrity were either present or absent.

To be considered for inclusion in this book, your story/account must be:

  • TRUE
  • Less than 500 words

Your real name, telephone number, and e-mail address must be included. (Your privacy will be respected, and this information will not be printed in the book or be released to others.)

Although you may submit more than a single account/story, I can accept no more than ten entries per person.

To submit your account/story, e-mail it to me with “INTEGRITY” in the subject line.

Should any of your stories be chosen for inclusion in my book, I will contact you personally. (Due to time constraints, you will not be contacted unless one of your accounts is chosen.)

Please direct others to this part of my Website so that we can bring some integrity back to our planet!

Thank you for making a difference!

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like art,
means a drawing a line someplace.

~ Oscar Wilde