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Deeds, not words shall speak me.

~ John Fletcher

About Us

Pledge of Integrity Partnership Agreement

I, _________________________, understand that in choosing to partner with me, The Added Edge, and its clients expect the commitments outlined below. As such, I commit to upholding each of these agreements.

  • I will keep my word.
    In the event that some unforeseen event gets in the way of my keeping my word, I will call The Added Edge immediately, own up to this, and renegotiate our agreement.
  • I will tell the truth.
  • I will only accept work for which I am qualified.
  • I will honor our relationship with trust and respect.
  • I will operate from a win/win paradigm.
  • I will deliver my best work.
  • I will make a difference.

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Signature of Commitment

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We have too many high sounding words,
and too few actions that correspond with them.

~ Abigail Adams