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Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Strategic Marketing Planning

One of the orphans of the business world is strategic marketing planning. Since this is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your business growth, whether you are an existing business or a start-up, skipping strategic marketing planning is a huge oversight.

Strategic marketing planning is like a compass for your business, which:

  • Charts your course in the market,
  • Defines and targets your market niches,
  • Positions you creatively and competitively vis a vis your competition,
  • Sets objectives and measurements for success,
  • Uncovers opportunities and threats,
  • And, much more!

Unlike many marketing firms that will drag out the strategic marketing planning process for months, charge you tons of money, and create long documents which later end up collecting dust on a shelf in your office, The Added Edge believes in an abbreviated process that is both comprehensive, yet time efficient.

Unfortunately, many business people fall into one of the following dangerous categories:

  • Those that think that a business plan is a strategic marketing plan.
  • Those that believe that a one- or two-page summary of marketing strategies is a strategic marketing plan.
  • Those that have strategy and tactics confused.
  • Those that are practicing Spaghetti Marketing.

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There is an old saying in Spain:
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~ Anonymous

  Strategic Marketing Planning